The Genius of the 19th Century

Torah Commentators’ Response to Modernity

JLE Oct - Dec 2011

Part 1: Introduction, BeReishit & Noach

Part 2: Netziv's Introduction and Lech Lecha

Part 3: Introduction to Ketav VeHaKabbalah and VaYera

Part 4: Chayey Sarah and Toldot

Part 5: Introduction to Malbim and VaYetzey Part 6: Introduction to HaKetav VeHaKabbalah (2) and VaYishlach

Part 7: Introduction to Malbim (2) and VaYeshev

The Akeidah

The challenge of uncertainty in the face of the Divine

LSJS November – December 2008

Part 1  - Exploring the text and Chazal

Part 2 - Rishonim and Interpreting the Rishonim (1)

Part 3 - Interpreting the Rishonim (2) and Early Chassidic Thought

Part 4 - Kierkegaard and 19th century Chassidic revisionism

Part 5 - 20th century Chassidic revisionsim and Rav Kook