The Maharal of Prague

A Study of His Works and Ideas

LSJS February – March 2011

From the LSJS website:

R. Harvey Belovski will introduce you to the thought of the Maharal, (Rabbi Yehudah Loew), the brilliant leader of 16th century Jewish Prague and master of Jewish philosophy and mysticism. The Maharal’s writings offer a fascinating synthesis of rationalism and kabbalistic thought and have guided modern readings of the Talmud and the Torah commentary of Rashi, as well as contextualising Jewish history and the purpose of the Torah itself.

Course Materials

Session 1: Introduction to the thought of the Maharal

Session 2: Gur Aryeh commentary to Rashi

Session 3: Be'er HaGolah: Defending the Tradition

Session 4: Maharal's Theory of Numbers

Session 5: Maharal's Approach to Education / Devarim

Session 6: Maharal's Metaphysical Approach to Aggadah

Session 7: The Influence of the Maharal