Praying the Festivals

A Dynamic Study of Yom Tov Tefillot

LSJS Apr-Jun 2013

From the LSJS website:


This course looks at central prayers that we say on Jewish festivals: Who wrote them? Why were they included in the Machzor? Do we appreciate and embrace the ideas they contain? Have their meanings changed over time? Are they still relevant?

Topics include:

The structure of the Amidah for Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot

Prayers and home rituals unique to these festivals

The complex structure of the Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services

The nature of key prayers during these days

This course will enable you to get more out of your Machzor and develop your appreciation of each of the festivals.

And with Rosh HaShanah and Yom Kippur coming so early in the calendar this year, this course will also prepare you for these High Holy Days.

For the course on Shabbat prayer click here

Session 1: Shalosh Regalim 1: Kiddush and Amidah

Session 2: Shalosh Regalim 2: Hallel and Musaf Session 3: Yamim Norayim 1: Introduction and Changes to Regular Liturgy
Session 4: Yamim Norayim 2: Rosh HaShanah Amidah and Musaf (1)
Session 5: Yamim Norayim 3: Rosh HaShanah Musaf (2) & (3) & UNetaney Tokef
Session 6: Yamim Norayim 4: Yom Kippur Kol Nidrey and Viduy
Session 7: Yamim Norayim 5: Yom Kippur Amidah, Musaf and Ne'ilah

The Genius of the ibn Ezra

Ibn Ezra's Torah Commentary: Textual Fidelity, Interpretative Brilliance and Grammatical Triumph

JLE Apr - Jul 2013

Sessions 1-2: Introduction

Sessions 3-4: Early BeReishit Narratives

Session 5: Other Early Narratives

Session 6: Added Verses?

Session 7: Approach to the Text

Sessions 8-9: Asseret HaDibrot

Belovski's Shiurim has Moved to Posthaven

Making the Move to Posthaven

I mentioned here that I've been moving my websites to the new Posthaven platform, as Posterous will be shutting down shortly.  This website has now also migrated to Posthaven.  The process has been a pleasure and the founders have continued to be helpful and responsive.

Some features, like static page editing are still to be implemented, so if this website looks a little odd or some of the links down the side don't quite work, please bear with me - it'll all be sorted out over the coming weeks.  They've just implemented audio and file posting and it's getting better all the time.

I remain confident that Posthaven is a great match for my needs.