Shabbat Shuvah Derashah 5779

Preparing to Fast: Children and Yom Kippur

To be delivered at GGS after Minchah, Shabbat Shuvah 5779

Primary Sources:

Mishnah & Gemara Yoma 82a with Rashi, Pirush HaMishnah LaRambam ad loc.
Yad, Hilchot Shevitat Asor 2:10-11
Sukkah 43b with Rashi ad loc.
Shulchan Aruch OC Simon 657
Sukkah 2b with Ritva ad loc.
Sefer HaMitzvot LaRambam Positive 164 & Prohibitive 196

Shabbat HaGadol Derashah 5777

Chametz, Erev Pesach and Transformational Authority

To be delivered at GGS after Minchah, Shabbat HaGadol, 5777

Primary Sources:

Devarim 17:8-13
Selections from Pesachim 6a; 87a
Selections from Yad, Hilchot Mamrim 1:1-2; 3:4; 4:1 (with commentaries of Kesef Mishneh & Ribdaz)
Rambam, Sefer HaMitzvot Shoresh 1, with Hasagot HaRamban
Kuntres Divrey Sofrim 1:32-33; 41-42
Meshech Chochmah to Devarim 17:11

Charedi Zionism and Reinventing the Oral Law

The Life and Works of Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Glasner

LSJS Feb - Apr 2017

From LSJS Website

Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Glasner (1854-1924) came from rabbinic aristocracy and was rabbi of Klausenberg in Romania. Remarkably, he was also a friend of Rav Kook, a fierce champion of independent Torah creativity and a charedi Zionist who saw in the return to the Land an opportunity to reinvent the Oral Law.

In this course we will study his influential essay on the future of Jewish Law, Dor Revi’i, as well as evaluating his views on rabbinic authority and his influence on thinkers such as Rabbi Professor Eliezer Berkovits and Rabbi Nathan Lopes Cardozo.

 Session 1: Rabbi Glasner: Charedi Zionist, Rabbinic Critic