The Book of BaMidbar

In Pursuit of Perfection

May - July 2014

From the LSJS website:

Spies, Korach, Zimri – this book is full of rebellion. Or maybe it’s the story of a community on the cusp of perfection but haunted by self perception clashing with reality. We will explore themes of leadership and the dangers of self-denial through the lens of the chassidic School of Przysucha – the Rebbes of Ishbitz, Kotzk, Lublin and Sochaczew.

Session 1: Torah in the Desert: On the Cusp of Perfection?

Session 2: Manna: Food of the Gods?

Session 3: Spies: Desire for the Desert

Session 4: Tzelophchad: Sinning for the Sake of Heaven
Session 5: Korach:  A Man Before his Time?
Session 6: Striking the Rock and Predestiny
Session 7: Zimri and the Lure of the Desert

The Genius of the 19th Century Series 3

Torah Commentators’ Response to Modernity

JLE Apr – Jul 2012

Part 16: Shemini, Tazria & Metzora

Part 17: Acharey & Kedoshim

Part 18: Emor, Behar & Bechukotay

Part 19: BeMidbar, Naso & BeHaAlotecha

Part 20: Shelach & Korach

Part 21: Chukat

Part 22: VaYikra, Tzav & Balak

Part 23: Pinchas, Mattot & Massey